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Upload your part as an STL file. Compress multiple files into a single ZIP. Indicate the number of copies needed by tagging the file name with an x followed by count (ex. BasePartx3.stl for 3 copies of the part named BasePart).

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In what unit of measure is your part drafted?

ABS is good for functional parts such as protective cases, gears, and levers. Projet Resin is good for high feature detail and smooth surfaces and small parts.

ABS parts can have a highly dense interior fill or a sparse interior fill. Sparsely filled parts cost less but are not as strong as highly dense filled parts.

If available, your part can be fabricated in a solid color upon special request. Multiple colors require additional setup fees.

Additional material is used to produce parts at 16 micron. Parts produced at 16 micron will incur a higher cost and possibly longer wait time.

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